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SplashPRagency usescreative strategies that  utilize media publications and columns to introduce, shape or re-launch brands, products, personalities and business executives. SpLAsh PR will help you build a strong brand identity, a positive and powerful image in order to gain precious media exposure that will eventually boost your sales. 

We hold long-standing relationships with numerous print, digital, and broadcast media, influencers and sponsors across various verticals including Entertainment, hospitality, fashion & beauty, food & beverage, luxury real estate, non-profit organizations, artists, and many more verticals.

Our services include:

- Specialized press 

- Strategy development 

- Sponsorship 

- Media Influencers 

- Media Relations 

- Media Research


Social media sites and blogs reach 8 out of 10 of all U.S. Internet users. Social Media is continuously progressing and becoming a powerful online marketing resource for your company online exposure. SplashPragency has extensive knowledge in the social media world and know how to implement effective social media strategies tailored for your business.

Our social media services includes:

- Identification of target audience 

- Creation of effective social media strategy and implementation

-Continuous social media monitoring and community management

- Implementation and execution of all your social media posts / content

-Utilization and reporting of analytics for the customer and for strategy improvement

- Social Media advertising services


Let SplashPRagency create your next special event! SplashPRagency designs and executes special occasions shaped to meet the client's style and personality. From large to wedding to small events.
SplashPRagency is set up to tailor all events. 

- Venue Management 

- Meetings 

- Product launches 

- Party Planning 

- Corporate 

- Wedding 

- Non profit 

- Openings 


SplashPRagency will tailor your events from beginning to end. We have a full team ready to help you host your next event.



- 24/7 Monitoring 

- Centralize all reviews


- Track and measure 

- Increase positive reviews 

Valuable Facts:

- Businesses with over 4 stars receives 32% more traffic than business with 3 stars or lower.

- Business with over 4 stars can increase their average prices by 11.2% compared to business with 3 stars or lower.


SplashPRagency have been representing several great photographers over the years, and we are proud of the photoshoots we have organized, coordinated and produced, with the help of awesome professionals. 

SplashPRagency is set up to tailor many types of photoshoots:

- Food & Beverages 

- Venues 

- Movies 

- Baby Showers 

- Weddings 

- Modeling

For more options, inquire today!


Local SEO is an effective way to market your business online. It helps businesses promote their products and services to local customers at the exact time they’re looking for them. Millions of customers use local search every day to find the best local businesses in their area. You can help increase your chances of getting found on local platforms: Yelp, Google My Business, Foursquare, Facebook, Bing, etc.

Why use Local Seo?

- 46% of all google search are local

- 64% of local customers user search engines and directories as their main way to find local business

- Only 44% of businesses have claimed their Google My Business Listing... 

- 88% of local consumers trust online business reviews

- 37% cheaper than traditional SEO

- Loyal customers rely on the internet to find information about your business


Small Business Websites

The digital world has expanded the market reach tremendously giving the opportunity to small and big businesses to reach out to clients from all over the world. The only affordable way to reach to expand your market reach online is to start selling online and build an Ecommerce website. SplashPrAgency has a lot of experience in building Ecommerce website using various platforms tailored to your business. 

E commerce Websites

The main success of any businesses today is to always stay updated. The best to stay updated is enforce your online presence with a simple website. The business world has move a high pace from paper to digital. Building a professional website is the first step to your quest for success in the online world. SplashPrAgency is more than happy to cater small businesses at affordable pricing. We treat all businesses of nay size equally.

UX-UI Design

Responsive design is now the basic norm in the new digital world. A perfect customer experience is required at all time to guarantee maximum audience. All website must look perfect no matter what device a user will use to access your website. A non responsive website will make your website confusing to the user on any devices other than your computer. The solution to this problem is to build a successful web responsive website.

For all other inquiries or services, 
contact us directly ! 


singer Dadju performing in Los Angeles, May 25th, 2022.

Jeff Panaloc

Jeff Panaloc

Kev Adams

Kev Adams

Michel Boujenah

Michel Boujenah

Anne Roumanoff

Anne Roumanoff

Colcoa Barnes After Party

Colcoa Barnes After Party

Earthquake Conference

Earthquake Conference

Skylton Fre(n)sh Fashion Week

Skylton Fre(n)sh Fashion Week

An Angels Gala

An Angels Gala

An Angels Gala

An Angels Gala

Jean Pierre Melville

Jean Pierre Melville

Festival Television Monte Carlo

Festival Television Monte Carlo

Street Art for Peace

Street Art for Peace

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